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The Porrongurups

Lance Chadd, also known as Tjyllungoo, created a series of paintings portraying the Porongurup Mountains, which are significant for the Minang Nyungar clan. According to their beliefs, the mountains are both sacred and dangerous, serving as the dwelling place of Totem Spirits and prohibiting hunting in the area. The Wagyl, or snake, is said to reside in the mountain's peaks, while the Wirins, or ghosts, roam among the rocks. 


Lance's modern and contemporary style conveys the stories and beliefs of the Minang Nyungar clan in this series, captivating viewers with the subtle spiritual formations woven into his landscape work. In the last 20 years, Lance's artwork has gained significant recognition, being featured in exhibitions worldwide and represented in prominent art collections throughout Australia. As a result, his work has become highly sought after by collectors.

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